Money: Loving Your Story

Moving out of the wasteland of confusion with Money
Moving out of the wasteland of confusion with Money

Money: Is There A Problem? Find Out What You Believe About Money, Work and Business That Keeps You From Feeling Peace….And Make A Change

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One of the most difficult steps in understanding the pain and stress around money is….identifying what the honest stressful beliefs actually are, so you can take them through inquiry.

We begin simply.

Thoughts about money appear in the mind regularly like….”I need more” or “There’s never quite enough” or “it could be terrible in the future without money” or “I didn’t have enough once, and it was awful.”

But then, through prompts and exercises, we find some deeper access to understanding money and why we want it, how we’ve gotten mixed up along the way, and where the “stings” of thoughts about money appear.

If you’re angry, upset, sad, anxious or scared about money, you can find immense relief by questioning your thoughts about it.

Wealthy people and people in exceptionally low income have all taken this course.

This is about your internal wealth and abundance….when you DON’T feel it….and questioning your suffering.

And then, beyond relief, into abundance, celebration, and joy.

Miracles could happen. Why not?

You may discover that what’s here already is already a miracle.


Want to find out more? Keep reading for more about money that can help you right now, this moment….

First of all, lack of peace in getting a job, working, or running a business is accepted as really normal.

Worries about time, money, bills, employees, marketing and success are so common, it’s considered crazy if you AREN’T worried about the future.

But is life really supposed to be this way? Are we really supposed to feel pain, nervousness or angst about our jobs, our businesses, and money?

I used to feel *horrible* about my capacity to earn, and full of disdain about the system. I hated that I wanted more money, that I even needed it.

I wanted peace around money, which appears to flow in and out for everyone. I was desperate for security, and I wanted to feel much more gentle when it came to just THINKING about money.

I knew I felt stress when it came to just about anything that had to do with money: working for it, saving it, spending it, donating it, or getting bills.

I knew that this stress was a reminder that I was believing tons of painful thoughts. My story about money and earning was serious, frustrating, and discouraging.

Even when I had some money, I was worried about it going away, and needing more later.

I studied Law of Attraction and read every book I could find about getting money, attracting money, finding money, receiving money, earning money….but not much changed.

Until I began to drop all the effort, clearly identify my beliefs, one by one, and bring them to investigation. The tool I used, as thousands of people do, is called The Work of Byron Katie.

Now, my relationship to money has changed so very much, that it has become like a loving, fun, generous, kind friend. Money, and everything I apparently do to bring it into my life, is easy, sweet and steady.

The thing that has changed, is my thinking.

I have questioned my most fearful beliefs about money, my business, my work, and my ideas about how these all work together, and low and behold, everything is easier around money and work.

Now, I help people do what I’ve done myself: find peace when it comes to thinking about money, running my business, and working.

Here are some common thoughts I’ve heard around work and money, that I’ve held myself:

  • I need at least a million dollars saved up for retirement
  • I HATE promoting my stuff
  • I’m not good enough to make it really that big
  • I need to take more classes and get more training
  • People need to be convinced my service or product is fantastic
  • There’s never, never, never enough time!
  • I hate that I have to work
  • Jobs are boring prisons
  • I wish we could all live without money altogether

But peace is totally and completely possible for you when it comes to money and how you receive or earn it! And when you experience peace, your whole world of money, work and business can change.

“For some of us, life is controlled by our thoughts about work and money. But if our thinking is clear, how could work or money be a problem? Our thinking is all we need to change. It’s all we CAN change. This is very good news.” ~ Byron Katie in Loving What Is

The power and joy offered in group inquiry can support your growth, freedom and creativity into knowing that where you are is perfect and where you’re going is wonderful.

I never would have believed this much peace
 was possible a few years back, before I got deep 
into The Work and gradually quit trying so hard to succeed.

Now I know that doing activity for others in order to gather money, whether as an employee or as a business owner, is an incredible learning opportunity for freedom, joy and happiness.

I have felt the opposite when it came to money and work. I lost every penny, watching my bank account dwindle down to absolutely nothing as I went through a divorce and couldn’t find work. I used my credit card to pay for my mortgage, borrowed from relatives, and almost lost my house. I considered food stamps since I was eligible for them, and had no health or dental insurance for two years. My kids had to go on Reduced Lunch at their schools. I went to job interviews dreading the outcome, extremely anxious.

Even though I had been a counselor with a private practice part-time, I began to feel totally inadequate offering this service if I couldn’t earn a decent living doing it. I hated marketing my services and talking about myself. I was terrified.

“You can take any job, anytime, and except for your belief systems, money is not a problem. You can work in a hamburger joint and make minimum wage. And if you just hold on to your integrity, without any beliefs about how that should look, eventually you could own the whole chain. Because we’re attracted to that kind of integrity, and money can’t buy it, so we will give you anything to be in your presence”. —-Byron Katie in Question Your Thinking, Change The World

It’s impossible and exhausting believing that jobs are an imposition, or that you are not capable or good enough to do what you do, or that people will criticize your services.

Questioning your beliefs about Earning Money and Working can allow you to see that you are enough, and that even just a small course correction of 1 degree in your attitude and your thinking can change your entire future.

Now I generally feel as peaceful as a gentle ocean breeze in the eye of a hurricane, and the hurricane I discovered actually doesn’t exist! This is a wonderful place to be in the middle of business as usual. I’m not ALWAYS peaceful 24/7….money is a powerful energy for the mind to project onto, and I have my moments of thinking I need it to be different….

….but now I know it’s all in the mind. Business and Money are are now fun, almost 100% of the time. And when they aren’t, I do The Work. Join me!

Moving Beyond Fear and Depression in Business:
“Through Grace and her class, I confronted my issues with marketing my business with patience, ease and self-compassion. She helped me open up to all my fears and depression over this issue and move beyond that without pressure and impatience. I learned so much from this course. I highly recommend it. It helped me understand that real freedom is not a how-to-do-it job. It is through being with myself as I am that I can find all the love and enthusiasm I relish from life. Results came out of who I was being, not in doing it “right” or through “effort.”– Ben, New York City

Email me any time to ask about upcoming classes in Money, or to schedule a solo session. I’m happy to talk with you for a shorter conversation (no charge) and I also offer scholarship help to folks in need. The button below is for when you’re ready to register and investigate, with loving support and insights from others along the journey. This course I offer in service of freedom. Please pay what you feel is right (notice your stressful thoughts if you aren’t sure how much to pay). Everyone is welcome here.


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