Must be doing something right–the astonishing generosity of humans

One beautifully striking notion from Byron Katie that I’ve so loved and learned from, has been the idea that what’s happening, the words you hear or read, your encounters, the sounds, sights, voices, behaviors, events and places you find yourself in…. ….are all for you. For your awareness, reflection, learning, challenge, enlightenment. How do you… Continue Reading

Thinking of quitting? It’s probably not up to you. Drop the probably.

The other afternoon, a thought popped into my head. It wasn’t exactly peaceful. “You should just quit.” The thought was about working. Running my business, doing The Work for a living. Right in the middle of an afternoon. this will go on forever I’ll never have any savings (or enough of ‘x’) you haven’t amounted… Continue Reading

Eating Peace: If you binge, overeat, break your vow….do these two things

What happens when you do it again? You Binged. Overate. Stuffed yourself slowly at a big party, with junk. Maybe you had seconds when one helping would have been plenty. You find yourself in the place, maybe for the billionth time (you think), of having hurt yourself through eating, food, or compulsive behavior. The usual… Continue Reading

Eating Peace: Are you more afraid of hunger than you realize?

Have you ever really considered how you feel about hunger? Noticing the conflict within of fighting hunger, being torn about it, having thoughts and beliefs about it, can offer incredible insights. Maybe you feel determined to overcome your hunger, or conquer or override your hunger urges. This is usually a diet mentality approach. When I… Continue Reading

The stress of trying to get rid of your thoughts….can be deadly

Year of Inquiry is now taking registrations for 2017-2018. Read all about it HERE and scroll down for logistical details like the schedule, fees, and the monthly topics. We begin Sept 5th. It’s OK to think about it a bit. It’s a big commitment, worth pondering. I usually take registrations until August 30th. If it looks like it… Continue Reading

Trusting everyone, even the betrayers. Especially the betrayers.

Such fantastic moments are being shared by Summer Camp for The Mind inquirers. Powerful, stressful, intense moments with other humans, with the body, with a loved one, with a stranger, with a job. I get sooooo inspired by everyone’s process, by hearing inquiry. It’s amazing how this work is so freeing and wise by simply… Continue Reading

Faster than the speed of light; it’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a thought!

During the Being With Byron Katie Silent Retreat the actual sessions with Katie and audience were not, of course, so silent. Hands were raised, incredible questions asked, wisdom shared, and the brilliant dialogues and people doing The Work with Katie, so inspiring. It also wasn’t so silent in the head. Yaketty yaketty yak. The mind… Continue Reading

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