Shame & Guilt: looking closely instead of trying to rip them out

First Friday Inquiry Jam is tomorrow! 7:45-9:00 am Pacific Time. It’s for everyone, it’s free (donation if it feels right). You can listen-only through the Broadcast, or dial-in with phone or WebCall and have the opportunity to do The Work. We’ll start with me guiding you through filling out a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet. Your sharing… Continue Reading

Get super judgey…and put yourself back in the nature of things (it’s called The Work)!

Sometimes, doing The Work is super embarrassing. Have you noticed? The invitation is to be petty, childish, honest, ridiculous, critical, judgey….all the ways you’re trying NOT to be. For years! And now, to do The Work, we’re supposed to write down what really, really bugged us about that person or that situation? Yikes, that’s a… Continue Reading

Eating Peace: which comes first…hating yourself, or eating?

Many years ago, my eating wars grew so heavy and awful, I dropped out of college. I actually shifted gears entirely, and began to do what was critical for my own well-being. Researching, attempting to understand, learning how to be honest and intimate with other people and with myself (it took awhile of practice), and… Continue Reading

Are you waiting for better thoughts?

Argggh. Isn’t this plane going to take off soon? Late, late. This sucks. I’m so tired. That’s all I needed was another hour added to this already-long flight. So annoying. What kinds of thoughts enter your mind if you’re waiting? Yes, ANY kind of waiting. Waiting for a phone call. Waiting to hear about the… Continue Reading

If my child isn’t happy, I can’t be happy!

Beliefs about children can be so hard, when you’re worried about their well-being. Or anyone you love, for that matter. But something about kids. It’s like it’s extra extra amplified, our caring about them, and the strangely stressful thoughts about love, happiness, or success. Even though these thoughts seem “normal”, it’s quite profound to question… Continue Reading

Eating Peace: If I Tell the Truth, They’ll Get Upset (So Let’s Eat Instead)!

Long ago, I was given a book called “What You Think of Me Is None of My Business”. What an cool title. And what a difficult thing to actually experience. You mean….even if you knew me and you didn’t like what you saw, or felt, or knew about my thoughts, it’s none of my business?… Continue Reading

It ain’t over, til it’s over.

The Work of Byron Katie is known as a powerful stress-reducing method of changing one’s mindset. It can alter your entire perspective of a very painful situation. I find, my internal world is completely different when I think about Before The Work and After The Work. But what about severe physical harm? Or car accidents?… Continue Reading

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