Terror, ugliness, unacceptable, unbearable….doing The Work on the worst that could happen

When you spend 4 days doing The Work with a group, something happens to everyone’s perspective. Instead of the daily routine of life, our view shifts into a broader awareness. It’s like the feeling you get when watching a magnificent sunrise. Or receiving and giving a hug. Holding someone’s hand when they’re ill or dying.… Continue Reading

Eating Peace: What if I really do want to lose weight, but NOT with a diet (the eating peace way)?

Eating Peace is about experiencing an internal peace available to you, to everyone, no matter what emotions rise in you, no matter what kind of food is on the plate in front of you, no matter what you’re thinking about life. We’re learning about how we move away from a centered sense of peace when… Continue Reading

Eating Peace: Shame and Guilt….First, don’t fight or be against them

Guilt and shame are so debilitating, depressing, paralyzing. Especially when it comes to weight, body image, eating, not eating. When we get upset, troubled, frightened….it’s not so crazy to reach for food. It’s one of the pleasures of life. But it doesn’t work as a painkiller–except temporarily. And then after an over-eating session or a… Continue Reading

Don’t worry about progress….you’re already living your way to your answers

What are your top three stressful situations you’ve either already been investigating with The Work, or you find it daunting to even start with The Work….OR….you’ve done The Work on it a whole bunch and you still don’t feel so great about it? Is it a Relationship? Money? Body? Health? Parenting? Adult child? Traffic? Your… Continue Reading

Shame & Guilt: looking closely instead of trying to rip them out

First Friday Inquiry Jam is tomorrow! 7:45-9:00 am Pacific Time. It’s for everyone, it’s free (donation if it feels right). You can listen-only through the Broadcast, or dial-in with phone or WebCall and have the opportunity to do The Work. We’ll start with me guiding you through filling out a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet. Your sharing… Continue Reading

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