Eating Peace: Everywhere You Go The Relaxation Diet….Lie Down (Watch the Weight Come Off)

Last week I was traveling and facilitating a retreat (in Oregon at Breitenbush Hotsprings Conference Center). Yesterday I was out in the city to dance and meet friends for a birthday dinner. We all move about, in and out of our houses. Food is out there, at home, on tables, and often easily acquired–especially for… Continue Reading

Being With Byron Katie

Have you ever wanted to spend an official retreat in The Work with Byron Katie, the founder, herself? Not everyone who learns of The Work are able to fly to another continent, sign up for the 9 Day School, or make all the arrangements and use resources to get themselves to an event with Katie,… Continue Reading

It shouldn’t have happened. Seriously. I was soooo overheated.

As always, being at Breitenbush annually in the height of the bright summer days is not only the sweetest fresh air, gorgeous giant pines, flowers, babbling river, cozy cabins, and a true complete break from regular daily life…. ….but also a time of such joy and gratitude as I sit with people who have never… Continue Reading

I’ve Been Left

He left me. She left me. They left me. The suffering as a result of this belief is enormous. People holding this thought in their experience of a relationship feel devastated, sometimes suicidal….and then on top of the dark feelings of abandonment, they criticize themselves for being losers and caring so much. But let’s take… Continue Reading

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